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Matcha Tea Set

For years people have been collecting and using tea sets, tea cups and tea pots for their daily (or special) tea ceremony, but Matcha green tea is different then normal tea and requires a special Matcha tea set. In this article I will explain what each piece does, and why you will need them to fully enjoy your Matcha green tea.

Bamboo Whisk

matcha tea bamboo whiskThe Bamboo whisk is used to stir, mix, and froth the Matcha tea. The whisk is probably the most important element of the Matcha tea set. When I first started drinking Matcha tea I just used a fork, but I found it did not provide enough whisking and produced almost no froth. I read that the Bamboo whisk was the best so I bought it and it certainly did improve the texture and even flavour of the Matcha tea.

The Bamboo whisk will create a more pleasureable texture and consistency by fully incorporating the Matcha tea powder with the hot water. The Bamboo whisk also helps release the full flavour and aroma of the Matcha tea, and when used properly will add a slight froth to the tea that also helps with flavour and aroma.

If you would like to purchase a Bamboo whisk you can visit this page

Bamboo Scoop

The bamboo scoop is a simple measuring spoon made from Bamboo, although this can easily be replaced by a tea spoon it is nice for presentation to also have the scoop. I would not purchase one outright as it is easy to find a scoop and bamboo whisk that are sold together.

bamboo scoop for matcha tea

bowl for matcha green teaMatcha Bowl

When mixing the Matcha Green tea powder with the hot water you will need something to mix it in. You could use a traditional bowl or even a cup but what is the fun in that. To get the full experience you can purchase a Matcha bowl. Most bowls are hand crafted in Japan specifically for mixing Matcha tea. You can pick a nice elegant bowl, or a more modern sleek bowl. You can also visit this page to see bowls, or entire Matcha tea sets

Where to Purchase a Matcha Tea Set

tea set for Matcha green teaWhether you want to purchase a Matcha tea set for yourself or as a gift for someone else I find there is great selection and price on this page. This is where I bought my first Matcha tea set and later I bought a few nicer ones to give as gifts to friends. If you know someone who is an avid tea drinker this will be the perfect unique gift. If you know someone who is a bit too stressed then they may also enjoy some Matcha tea as I find it really helps me relax. Matcha tea actually has ingredients that help relax the body which is just one of the many Matcha tea benefits.

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