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Matcha Green Tea Deals

Thanks for visiting the Matcha tea blog, in this post I will help you get a great deal on Matcha green tea. If you are new to Matcha tea I will link to a few helpful articles that will help you learn more about this great drink!

  • Where to get a great deal on Matcha tea
    • If you are looking for a good deal check out our article where to buy Matcha tea I list the best quality matcha tea available, and also where you can get the best price
  • Matcha Tea Sets
    • If you have guests over or if you drink Matcha tea on a regular basis you should definitely have a Matcha tea set. If you are interested in them visit our article about Matcha tea sets. We teach you about the set, and link to places you can buy them for a good deal
  • Matcha Tea Health Benefits
    • Matcha tea has a number of health benefits, if you are looking for more information about this wonderful form of green tea you can read our page with all the details about matcha tea health benefits

Matcha Tea Informational Video

Here is a great video giving you more information about Matcha tea

Quick facts about Matcha tea

  • Only grown in Japan (and some parts of China)
  • Used by ancient Japanese to help aid them in meditation and focus
  • Has been proven today to help you stay relaxed but alert (thanks to the L-theanine)
  • Matcha tea comes from the same plant as black tea and green tea, however the unique growing and processing makes it very different in flavour and health benefits
  • Matcha tea is picked and processed by hand to ensure only the best leaves are used for the tea
  • The tea leaves are grown under shade for the last stage of their growth cycle which helps bring huge amounts of chlorophyll to the leaves, making them a dark vibrant green (and filled with nutrients)
  • The tea is VERY high in anti-oxidants, in fact it has 137 times the amount of antioxidants as regular green tea and by weight it has more antioxidants than many of the “super fruits”
  • Matcha is also said to boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when drank regularly
  • If you would like to buy some Matcha tea visit our links above to get a great deal