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Welcome to the Matcha Green Tea blog

Hello and thanks for stopping in to check out my website about matcha green tea. I first heard about this type of tea from my sister, she was drinking it for health reasons and I was very interested. I heard that Matcha tea has the highest antioxidant count, more than any other tea or fruit.

From watching the news and other programs and doing some research online I know that antioxidants are great for your body and will help slow or stop cancer. There are many other benefits to anti oxidants, just check out the wikipedia page, and here is one talking about antioxidants and cancer. This is basically a fact sheet about what they help with.

Another benefit of Matcha tea besides the antioxidants is that it actually tastes great. Like most things some people will love it the first time they try it while others will need to develop a taste for it, but it is definitely great to enjoy from time to time and the health benefits are great. This is my first post on this blog but I will be sure to update it with things like the benefits of Matcha green tea, matcha powder and other things that will be of interest. I will also update the site with sales and good deals on Matcha green tea.

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